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About Mark Craner

Mark Craner, a loyal husband, father and scoutmaster, spends his free time serving others and teaching the skills needed to succeed in life.  It all started in the William Beaumont hospital in 1972 in El Paso, Texas.  Although his family moved to Tacoma, Washington with the military when he was only three months old, Mark has always thought of himself as a long, tall, Texan.  Of his seven siblings, he was the only one born in Texas giving him bragging rights and causing a desire to move to the great state that took 25 years to achieve.

Being in the military meant that the family moved frequently, and so Mark has no memories of his first time in Tacoma.  His earliest memories come from when his family lived in San Francisco on the Presidio.  The homes surrounded the central park, where endless adventure awaited.  This was a slower time when parents sent children out to play with two commands, stay where I can see you and don’t come inside til dark!

After 18 months in San Francisco, the family moved back to Tacoma Washington, where Mark learned the hard way that he was not allergic to bees.  One day with his friends he was sneaking up on his older brothers in a field.  The pranksters paused in the tall grass to build out a plan of attack, when Mark felt tickling on his leg.  He look down to discover that his leg was entirely covered with bees from the beehive he was standing on.  Instant fear gripped him, and he bolted for a neighbors house being stung all the way.  He and his friends rushed inside and slammed the door.  He could hear the thumping of the bees as they hit the door behind him.

Image of Mark CranerAt the age of eight, his father left the military and entered private practice in Portland, Oregon.  Mark attend Shaver Elementary, Wilkes Elementary, HB Lee Middle School, and Reynolds High School all in Portland.  He discovered in high school that he loved to perform on stage.  He starred in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 and in Oklahoma.  He was hooked.

During the summer of before his senior year he moved to Orem, Utah.  Reynolds high school had about 900 students.  Orem High had 2,400.  This was a huge change.  Fortunately, he was able to secure a spot in the top show choir, which allowed him to meet and get to know friends before school started, making his transition much easier.

Mark Craner with wife

Mark Craner with his wife Melissa

His next move was 5 miles down the road to go to school at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  He studied finance, a little econ, and a lot of Portuguese.  He met his wife during school and after much cajoling and a lot of patience, they got married.

He is now a father of four, scoutmaster for his oldest two sons, mentor to many students, and a husband of a loving and devoted wife.  Life has only gotten better.